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E-Business Ingtegration Services (E-BIS) Group

Renamed Definity Health when they launched their service in the fall of 2000, this client provides a health benefits plan driven by consumers, their employers and their health care providers. My role as Design Team lead for this portal site included the following tasks:
    • requirements gathering
    • writing site surveys
    • paper prototyping
    • writing memoranda on Web design
    • electronic prototyping (below)
    • creating information architecture and page layouts
    • using the electronic diagrams to create a presentation tool for potential customers (right)
    HealtheCare gif prototype
    HealtheCare Presentation

    American Hospitality Concepts Inc. (AHCI)
    AHCI is the parent company of several different restaurant concepts with locations across the United States. They used our team to create four new sites in support of the parent organzation and three of their most prominent chains. My work on this project included the following:

    • requirements gathering
    • writing site surveys
    • writing process documentation to help
      AHCI develop a site maintenance process
    • creating and optimizing graphics

    American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

    Biogen Intranet
    Biogen, the Cambridge, MA-based biotechnology company, called for assistance in creating an intranet that would answer the communication needs of their global organization. The information architecture had to be scalable to add different departments and to expand existing departmental offerings as time passed. Tasks on this project included

    • requirements gathering
    • development of a site hierarchy and timeline
    • paper prototyping
    • electronic prototyping (left)
    • creating information architecture and page layouts (right)
    Biogen Intranet Power Point prototype
    Biogen Intranet page layout

    PwC Global Web Site
    Automotive Industry$$webpages

    The E-BIS team is entrusted with the day-to-day maintenance of, the site that represents the knowledge base of over 150,000 consultants and staff. The Automotive Industry pages highlight that group's insights, solutions and events. Tasks for this project included
    • creating page templates
    • creating and optimizing web-ready graphics
       from client's page designs
    • using Lotus Notes databases to draft and deploy finished pages
    PwC Automotive Industry

    Design Team Lead
    As Design Team Lead for the E-BIS Group, I was responsible for the team's efforts to organize to obtain a permanent lab, the development of a team site, and to participate in career-advancing training courses. The title has also meant that I adopted project management responsibilities when required, and that I participated in sales calls and drafted proposals to win new work for the team.
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